In china teachers allow children to sleep for 20 minutes.


The traditional midday nap is meant to set pupils up for an afternoon of
solid learning.

While some bring blankets, cushions or inflatable pillows to school, the majority simply hunker down on the desks in their shoes and day clothes.


‘There is no time for them to go home and no room for beds so they use their desks,’ said a school spokesperson. ‘They are perfectly comfortable – and there’s no chance of them being late for class either.’


From South Africa


A Cow Falls Through The Roof Of A House Killing One Person


A cow has fallen through the roof of a house in south-eastern Brazil killing a man and
narrowly missing his wife.

The one-tonne cow was grazing on a hill behind the small house, in the town of Caratinga, when
it stepped onto the asbestos roof, which collapsed under its weight.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, was lying in bed when
the animal fell on him.
He was taken to hospital and died the day after,
reportedly of internal bleeding.
Mr Souza was conscious and appeared to be in a
good condition, but he had to wait too long to
be seen by a doctor, relatives said.

Local media says this is the third such incident in the region in the past three years.
There were no casualties in the two previous incidents.
In the first occasion, there was no one inside the house when the cow fell through the roof.

In the second incident, a baby and a small child were sleeping next to the spot where the animal fell, in what was described at time as a
miraculous escape.

Caratinga is in a hilly area of Minas Gerais, a
Brazilian state traditionally known as a cattle
raising and dairy producing region.

From South Africa

JUSTIN Bieber caught urinating in a restaurant kitchen.

JUSTIN Bieber has been caught on
video peeing in a mop bucket in a
restaurant kitchen.

The singer, 19, was filmed relieving
himself into the yellow plastic
container while cackling at his own
The pop star, who has been courting
controversy with his wild child
behaviour, risks disgusting his army
of fans with his latest prank.
The footage, posted on US website
TMZ, was shot in New York earlier
this year.

Bieber and his friends were leaving
a nightclub through the restaurant
kitchen and the singer decided he
needed a wee.
But instead of going to the loo,
Bieber urinated in the mop bucket
used to clean the restaurant’s floors.

The singer and his pals also acted as
though the restaurant should feel
honoured by his unconventional
toilet habits.
He tells staff: “That’s the coolest
spot to p***. You know, you’ll
remember that forever.”
And his friend adds: “You’re not
gonna remember him p***ing in the
restroom. Like everybody does that.”

They then dash up a flight of stairs
before Bieber spots a photo of
former US President Bill Clinton,
sprays it with a cleaning fluid and
shouts: “F*** Bill Clinton.”

From South Africa

The Ugandan Meaning


A “project manager” is a little-known person who steals donor money to share with his political godfathers.

“Fashion designer” means any female who can afford to hire a hall for her “exhibition” and has wealthy parents to cajole a
few VIPs to attend the “grand” show, which gets extensive media coverage.

A “political heavyweight” is a malicious politician who is bent on destroying a rival politician from the same tribe with whom he or she is competing for their party leader’s attention.

“I am a Member of the First Family” means I am one of the few thousand distant relatives to in-laws or cousins of the real
First Family.

A “pastor” can be anybody who constructs a makeshift church and gets up a congregation of more than three members. He
becomes “bishop” when he builds a second shack down the road under a junior pastor whom he supervises tightly.

A “supermarket” is any grocery shop. But a “shopping arcade” is a bigger, rowdy market with a roof where fake Chinese
goods are sold. A “shopping mall” is slightly different — it means a crowded concrete market where traders complain
daily about lack of a toilet, but fear the ruthless landlord more than the riot police.

A “doctor” means anybody who works at a hospital and dresses better than a “professor,” who is a witchdoctor from
neighboring country.

“Diplomat” means a smart white person; a tourist is a casually dressed white.

An “NGO” is an idea being promoted by any broke fellow with a cut-and-paste project proposal for seeking foreign assistance.

A “convoy” means two cars moving dangerously with hazard “double indicators” on with siren blazing and carrying a minor officer.

A “presidential advisor” is one of the one hundred no-longer-employable fellows on state “welfare” who spends a good number of years without talking to the president.

“My container” means a few kilos of imports in someone else’s consignment awaiting to be cleared due to unpaid Customs dues.

“My site” is a half-developed plot belonging to a friend, usually shown to people you need to impress.

A “fiancée” is the person you met yesterday and suspect to have rich parents. A “mzee” is any potential customer regardless of age.

“Family friends” means a prominent family whose kids you went to school with though they no longer remember you, while

“Uncle/Auntie” refers to a wealthy acquaintance.

“Do you know me?” is a way of telling people in a bar that you have the phone number of a bodyguard to a senior security officer.

“Health-conscious” means walking around with a bottle of “mineral” water, but “very health-conscious” is telling everyone how you stopped taking sugar long ago.

Now you can confidently mingle in Kampala without anybody detecting that you are not one of us.

Boeing 777 Was Mechanically Sound


A Boeing 777 aircraft that crash-landed at San Francisco airport killing two people did not have mechanical problems, an airline
official has said. The head of the South Korean airline Asiana, Yoon Young-doo, did not rule out human error but said the pilots were experienced veterans. Most of the 307 people on board were injured, 49 of them seriously.

The plane came down short of the runway, ripping off its tail, after apparently hitting a sea wall. One survivor said the plane came in to land too fast and too low, but there was no warning of problems. Passengers and crew escaped down
emergency slides as it burst into flames.

Mr Yoon apologised “deeply” for the effect the accident had had on all those involved, bowing in front of TV cameras at a Seoul news conference. He said there was no emergency alarm and the crew had made the usual requests to passengers to fasten their seatbelts to prepare for landing. “Currently we understand that there were no engine or mechanical problems,” he said.
The pilots were veterans, he added, and one had more than 10,000 flying hours. Asiana confirmed that two female Chinese teenagers died in the crash. They had been seated at the back of the aircraft. They are believed to be the first-ever fatalities in a Boeing 777 crash.


The twin-engine aircraft has a good safety record for long-haul and is used by many major carriers. The only previous notable crash occurred when a British Airways plane landed short of the runway at London’s Heathrow Airport in 2008.


Desire Joins Zari, Ivan Love Triangle

It seems Luzinda Desire is soon dumping her South African based ‘witch doctor’ to go with the so-called ladies wine Ivan
Ssemwanga.The ‘Nyumirwa nyo’ singer who travelled to South Africa for a concert was seen in company of
Zari’s ex,Ivan Semwanga. Ivan who splashed dime like Rick Ross in the ‘Make it Rain’ video
every time Desire wiggled her waist line, was challenged to do a verse from one of Desires’ songs, but the fact that he was so high, he opted splashing the dime.

They later snapped them getting cozy, we can only guess what happened there
after. Zari and Sharon O gave Desire ample time with the tycoon as Ivan represented the The Goodlyfe Crew
to do the ‘fitting’ collaboration. The Goodlfyfe Radio and weasel are still in the US where they had for BET
Awards where they lost it all to Ice Prince of Nigeria.

Bucha Man Trushes FireBase Reunion Claims


A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that the former Ghetto Republic Vice President Bucha Man was on his knees begging for a U-turn to Fire Base, however, info reaching us is that Bucha has rubbished the allegations. Buchaman who quit Firebase a few
years back over alleged exploitation by Bobi Wine was said to have asked
Bobi for forgiveness. “I can’t go back to the blood sucker…..”Buchaman said. Buchaman quit Firebase crew in 2011 claiming Bobi had been making him do the donkey work and paying him little dime for ten years.

Buchaman is well known for songs like ‘Lwaki temumatila’ and he also featured in songs like ‘Sunda’, ‘In the Dance’ with Gen. Mega Dee among others.