Open Letter To Mr Cobra

Dear Mr cobra,
I write this letter to you with too
much exasperation deep inside my heart. In early august on the 29th you decided to murder papa Bishop Gerusemu llukor.

You sneaked your
way into his food store at his
home. When Papa woke up early that morning and visited his own store he unknowingly stepped on your head.

Because you had sneaked in
under the door and took over the control of a place that did not belong to you. Little did Papa know of your presence since you were an unwanted visitor.

You instead got angry and fought Papa Bishop in his own food store! In his own home!

You murdered him with your poisonous fangs. But Cobra if i may ask you, Do you know the man you killed?

He was a humble
man of God. A man from with humble beginning but enormous

His Parents Mzee
Yakobo Opolot and Mama Juleri Akol must be wondering why you decided to silence their gift to the world for ever.

The entire villages of Teso and their neighboring villages would have loved to descend on you and pound your head for
taking away their beloved seed which they had planted whose fruits served the entire Teso,Karamoja and the country
at large. You have cut down the palm tree that grew under

Musa Ecweru would have
deployed his Arrow Boys to deal with you personally. But you were lucky to be killed by just a mere angry woman. She killed you before the entire village could pounce on you.

I wish you heard the honesty of the Man you have silenced for ever. A very good mobilizer of funds for building the soon completed church in Kampala.

You’ve dared the Acholi,They are infuriated by your

The man you killed was a
voice of restraints when the LRA
rebels made incursion into Teso,killed and abducted children.

Papa Bishop was the peace maker who rightly cautioned any one not to blame Kony’s atrocities on Acholi. He said Kony didn’t mean Acholi.

Do you know the man you
have killed?

To the Acholi you are like Kony and his backers.

The man you have killed was instructive in ending of the war in Teso.

His reconciliatory approach saw him work with president Museveni who he had
branded an enemy of Teso.

He didn’t embrace Museveni for the love of an individual but to push for Teso’s interests.

Go and see Bishop llukor Girls school, Kumi University or Teso
University you stupid Cobra.

Again had you been to All Saints church Cathedral, you would have heard the family of the late Brig Nobel Mayombo declare Papa Bishop as a
man of quality not of quantity.

You would have also heard the voice of Mama Lois Mary Aluka say to err is human but Papa’s humanity out-weighed his shot comings. Mama cried, saying you have brutally separated her from her childhood sweetheart.

Her cry is my cry. You may
have silenced him but his spirit will endure forever.

Rest in peace Papa.

Written By Kazani Warren.


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