Be A Happy Youth

Working with the elderly people has
taught me more than i expected.I
never take my youthful time for

Every minute is as precious
as gold.Knowing that at one time i
will depend on some one to dress me
up just destroys me but that is a fact .

If you are a youth,start to dream
big now before you start to live on
memories.Happy old/seniors people
live on good memories but those who
are sad and miserable some times
have limited memories to live on.
Soooo dream big today and you will
have good memories .But don’t
dream while sleeping .Dream as you
walk.If you fall down,don’t look

around but rather look up.Get back
on your feet and move forward. The
more times you fall,the more
experience you get and the more
careful you will be next time !!!!

Be focused now and you will live a
happy elderly life.Lose your focus now
and you will be a miserable old man/

Written By Prince Moses.


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