JUSTIN Bieber caught urinating in a restaurant kitchen.

JUSTIN Bieber has been caught on
video peeing in a mop bucket in a
restaurant kitchen.

The singer, 19, was filmed relieving
himself into the yellow plastic
container while cackling at his own
The pop star, who has been courting
controversy with his wild child
behaviour, risks disgusting his army
of fans with his latest prank.
The footage, posted on US website
TMZ, was shot in New York earlier
this year.

Bieber and his friends were leaving
a nightclub through the restaurant
kitchen and the singer decided he
needed a wee.
But instead of going to the loo,
Bieber urinated in the mop bucket
used to clean the restaurant’s floors.

The singer and his pals also acted as
though the restaurant should feel
honoured by his unconventional
toilet habits.
He tells staff: “That’s the coolest
spot to p***. You know, you’ll
remember that forever.”
And his friend adds: “You’re not
gonna remember him p***ing in the
restroom. Like everybody does that.”

They then dash up a flight of stairs
before Bieber spots a photo of
former US President Bill Clinton,
sprays it with a cleaning fluid and
shouts: “F*** Bill Clinton.”

From South Africa


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