When The Going Gets Tough


There is an increasing number of homeless people in the world and this has seen America register just a slight decrease of 0.4%.

According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness, in 2012 America’s number of homeless people stood at 633,782.

Here inUganda, it is very common to find kids, young men and the elderly sleeping outside on flattened boxes in urban centers.

Life is the way it is and I strongly doubt if it will ever change its responses to man’s actions. This implies that we humans are the
ones to change the way we carry on in this world in order to better our existence. If you play your cards well with some bit of luck in there, it is very obvious that someday you’ll look back in disbelief about where you have come from. A friend of mine who happens to be one of the prominent figures in Kampala and whose name I will choose not to mention says he has ever lived on the streets of Kampala. Right now when you look at him it will be so difficult for you to believe his story.

The world is awash with so many survival formats and approaches towards life. But if you are out
there reading this and your school of thought seems to be leading you towards destruction, then you better change it.

Humans can be so rigid at times that even when they make great mistakes in their lives they continue doing the blame game. People ought to try as much as possible to own their lives. This reminds me of when our
lecturer once said; ‘There is only one person on planet earth who can help you live the life you want- that person is you.’ This
statement seemed vague way back when I was still at University but now every when I hear it; the meaning grows deeper and deeper.

No one understands you better than yourself. Mr Okodan used to say. Therefore, even when it comes to other aspects of life, always have it in mind that you are the sole proprietor of your destiny. It is you to dream the dream and it is the same you to bring that dream to life. A number of people tell stories of how they have risen from nothing to too much. You are
my witness – no single person has ever said he did rise from rugs to riches so easily. That means it is not an easy task but all the same, one which is worth trying.

Of course one may say the government has not done enough to avail jobs for the ready to work youths. This is true but what if it doesn’t ever end in our lifetime? Well according to the look of things, this is not going to change any soon. We are likely to go on
and on like this until the cows come home.

So please my friend go out there and kick some. Get busy release some sweat, get some money to improve your standards of existence in this world which proves to be more challenging every other day.


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